Milton Keynes Clothing Collection Service

We can collect children & adult clothes in the Milton Keynes area, right from your door!

We can collect your unwanted clothing in the Milton Keynes area, straight from your door. Often bags of old clothes can sit in a corner for too long, gathering dust and being forgotten. Here at Cash for Kids Clothes, we believe in recycling old clothes for money, and we offer a collection service in the Milton Keynes area to do just this! Whether you have old clothes that your children have grown out of, or old fashions that you can’t see yourself going back to, our collection team can offer you cash for your clothes, by weight.

We give you the opportunity to sell your clothes by weight; enabling you to get rid of plenty of old clothes fast! We offer 60p per kilo in the Milton Keynes area, and can accept clothes, belts, handbags, shoes (in pairs) and other textiles. Our clothes collection service can pick up your old clothes right from your door in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area, and we endeavour to be there at the best time for you.

If you’re looking to make a little money for your old clothes, or your children’s old clothes, Cash for Kid’s Clothes is the perfect service for you. We price your clothing by weight to make sure that you get the best deal, and recycle all of our clothes so that in addition to clearing any clutter, so that you can rest easy! No more trips to your the recycling bins which are becoming harder and hard to find in Milton Keynes, we instead offer you money for your unwanted clothes, and ensure that they get a new lease of life once they’re no longer needed by you.

Get in touch with our collection team to arrange a time for us to pick up your unwanted clothes in the Milton Keynes area, on 07496 027 931, or you can arrange a time to drop your clothes off at our warehouse in Aylesbury.


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